Naturensbalm Limited

Safe / Environmentally Friendly / Biodegradable / Natural
Organic / Kills Bacteria and Viruses / Complements the Traditional Funeral / Regulatory Compliant

Naturensbalm is a range of safe, environamentally acceptable enbalming products, developed for the funeral industry in order to provide the embalmer with a healthier working environment, at the same time safeguarding the traditional funeral.

Naturensbalm are a range of complementary products, all of which have been rigourously tested and trialled over a number of years, the range is fully compliant with the European Union's Biocide Products Directive (BPD).

Administered by employing standard equipment and embalming techniques, this range is easy to use requiring minimal training and little transitional time its unique rehydrating properties will provide the deceased with a more natural appearance - as if "sleeping".

Naturensbalm is not a long-term embalming solution; it is a sanitizing process post death pre burial/cremation.

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